Wide Range and Improvements of QuEChERS

QuEChERS is a streamlined technique that makes it easier and cheaper for analytical chemists to examine the pesticide residues in agricultural products. It is exploited by many professors of the American Ministry of Agriculture in 2003, especially Anastassiades. This technique shares the same principle with high-performance liquid chromatography and solid-phase extraction. That is the interaction between the impurities in the sample and the adsorbent.

Basic steps:

The basic steps of QuEChERS can be included in several points.
1. Thoroughly grind the sample
2. Acetonitrile single solvent extraction and separation
3. Add salts to dehydrate, such as MgSO4
4. Add adsorbent to remove impurities
5. Detect by GC-MS、LC-MS

1. High recovery
2. High accuracy and precision
3. Wide applicability
4. High efficiency with 6 samples in 30 minutes
5. Less solvent and less pollution
6. Easy to operate

Generally, QuEChERS is used for recovering pesticide residues from agricultural products, for example, fruits and vegetables. However, it got popularity in the comprehensive isolation of analytes from different matrices. As time goes by, improvements and changes to the original technique are discussed.

Wide Range of Applications

Currently, QuEChERS is ordinary sample preparation and purification technology used for the analysis of multi-pesticide residues in high-humidity food. Hawach Scientific constantly endeavors to improve the performance of QuEChERS, aims at enlarging the application areas, and adapting to different circumstances with lower costs.

Such improvements of Hawach obviously enhance the recovery rate of certain kinds of pesticides. Hawach’s QuEChERS not only fits the analysis of fruits and vegetables but also can be used as a preparation method for many food samples, such as meat, soybean, animal food, and other foods.

China QuEChERS Extraction Kit Pouch Format AOAC-EN

Highlights of QuEChERS

Hawach is designed to entice the consumer to select the QuEChERS with superior quality and attractive price. Besides, QuEChERS designed by Hawach can completely remove potential pollutants in the purification process and then present a clean chromatographic map. It has durable performance, high recovery, accurate determination result, high sample flux, and low utilization rate of chlorine-free samples. Additionally, it can greatly reduce the cost of reagents and the possibility of exposure to harmful samples.

Improvements of QuEChERS

In practical application, extractions of all kinds are often matrix dependencies, and Hawach is a commitment to obtain a lower concentration of extract by adopting sensitive instruments and using the high-selectivity chromatography-mass spectrometer. With good management and superior materials, extraordinary gains arise from Hawach QuEChERS such as cost-saving, time-saving and convenient operation.

Compared with the conventional purification such as SPE, Hawach QuEChERS provides higher recovery with dispersed matrix extraction in the detection of agricultural residues. Because SPE also means a wide range of pretreatment steps, experiment equipment, and complex manual operation are needed in the whole process.

Complete Accessories of QuEChERS

To satisfy diverse requirements of customers, Hawach supplies complete accessories such as QuEChERS kit, QuEChERS extraction salts, QuEChERS dispersive SPE kit, QuEChERS ceramic homogenizers, and QuEChERS dispersive absorbent. Thereinto QuEChERS dispersive absorbent is suitable for application in food and agricultural product with different sorbent based on the standard of AOAC and CEN, and QuEChERS ceramic homogenizers are often used for QuEChERS sample preparation method with lower organic solvent usage. All of them are available in comprehensive types which can satisfy various customer needs.