Wide Application of QuEChERs

QuEChERs is a sample treatment and purification technology for the detection of multiple pesticide residues in high-water-content food. Because it simplifies the previously complex extraction procedures and expands the scope of the extracted pesticide residues, QuEChERs become an option in food analysis methods.

The development
It has undergone many improvements since its debut. These improvements are aimed at increasing the recovery rate of certain pesticides. QuEChERS was originally used for the analysis of fruits and vegetables, and gradually expanded to sample processing analysis. With its wide practicability and ease of use, QuEChERS has become an excellent choice for residue analysis.

1. High recovery;
2. High analytical sensitivity;
3. Accurate result;
4. High sample size;
5. High safety;
6. Less use of non-chlorinated solvents.

The need for QuEChERS
Chemical pesticides are widely used in food, and pesticide residues in food have become a major safety problem threatening consumers. Therefore, the regulatory authorities use various analytical methods to increase the scope of residue analysis and the number of analysis samples, so as to achieve effective monitoring of food.

Even for dried vegetables, the QuEChERS method also can be used for detection after rehydration.