What’s SPE Method?

Solid phase extraction is a sample preparation method based on chromatographic analysis. Solid phase extraction consists of two different phases, one is a solid phase for adsorbent with a certain functional group and another is a liquid phase for sample and solvent. Its working process is like this: a solid phase extraction device (extraction column, extraction membrane, extraction nozzle, etc.), and this device is filled with a solid adsorbent under positive pressure, negative pressure, or gravity.

Where we can use the SPE method?

Environmental protection analysis, food analysis, drug analysis, expert testimony, life science field, etc.

Why do people prefer to use the SPE method?

First sample pretreatment is a very very important step for every experiment. There are data shows that during a whole sample analysis test, sample pretreatment takes 61% of the importance of the whole process which occupies the first position. 27% of data processing follows behind, and sampling and analyzing both have the same percentage of importance as 6%.

Are there any advantages of the SPE method?

Sure, there are lots of advantages of using the SPE method, no emulsification phenomenon, automation, consistent results, perfect reproducibility, saving reagents, and better selectivity by changing paddings.

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