What is the Maintenance Method of the SPE Cartridge?

Solid Phase Extraction and SPE Cartridge

Using selective elution and selective adsorption, SPE is a commonly used separation method for liquid chromatography. The more frequently used method is to pass the liquid sample solution through the adsorbent, retain the substance to be tested, and then use a solvent of appropriate strength to flush out impurities, and then quickly elute the substance to be tested with a small amount of solvent, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid separation, purification, and concentration. It is also possible to selectively adsorb interfering impurities and let the measured substance flow out, or to adsorb impurities and the measured substance at the same time and then use a suitable solvent to selectively elute the measured substance.

Solid phase extraction cartridge is a kind of sample pretreatment device developed from a chromatography column for extraction, separation, and concentration. Based on the theory of liquid-solid chromatography, SPE technology uses selective adsorption and selective elution to enrich, separate, and purify samples. It is a process including liquid and solid-phase physical extraction; it can also be approximated by thinking of it as a simple chromatographic process. The SPE technology of Solid phase extraction cartridge is based on the theory of liquid-solid phase chromatography, which uses selective adsorption and selective elution to enrich, separate, and purify samples. It is a process including liquid phase and solid phase physical extraction; It can be approximated as a simple chromatographic process.

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Maintenance Method of Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge

  1. Inlet maintenance

The sampling system is a special device set up in the analysis to ensure that the system does not leak before the sample is vaporized and sent to the extraction system. The injection port is an important part of the instrument, and it is also a key to introducing pollution and causing interference.

  1. Regularly replace the injection gasket

Inlet gasket leaks are a common failure of GCs. Therefore, it needs to be replaced regularly and in time. Generally, the gasket can be used more than 100 times.

  1. Clean the sample injection needle

A clean sample injection needle avoids interference from sample memory effects. When replacing the sample of the solid phase extraction instrument, it should be cleaned. Generally, methanol, dichloromethane, acetonitrile, acetone, n-hexane, and other solvents are used for cleaning. The sample-injection needle should not be blocked during cleaning and gently push the solvent out by inserting the plunger.

  1. Regularly check and clean the inlet and liner of the solid phase extraction instrument

Due to the residual non-volatile components in the sample, tar-like substances will accumulate inside the injection port liner after long-term use. In addition, there will be the accumulation of particulate substances, such as septum debris and solid substances in the sample. Interfere with the normal operation of the analysis.

Therefore, the inlet and liner should be inspected and cleaned regularly. For general cleaning, use pure water, methanol, or anhydrous ethanol, etc. to rinse or ultrasonic cleaning. If the pollution is serious, you can use a cotton swab to gently wipe it and not use excessive force.

  1. Replace the capillary column seal

Gas leakage from the gasket is one of the common failures of solid-phase extraction instruments. Do not reuse the same sealing gasket on different extraction cartridges, even if the same extraction cartridge is removed and re-installed, a new sealing gasket should be replaced.

  1. Use the gas whose purity meets the standard

Use high-purity carrier gas to avoid interference with the analysis, contamination, and damage to the extraction column and detector. Because the extraction column and detector are more expensive than the carrier gas.

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