What Are The Characteristics Of Solid Phase Extraction?

Solid phase extraction is essentially a liquid chromatographic separation. The main separation mode is the same as that of liquid chromatography. It can be divided into normal phase (the polarity of the adsorbent is greater than the polarity of the eluent), and the reverse phase (the polarity of the adsorbent is less than Eluent polarity), ion exchange and adsorption.

The adsorbent used for solid phase extraction is also the same as the stationary phase commonly used in liquid chromatography, except that it differs in particle size.

SPE uses a solid adsorbent to adsorb a target compound in a liquid sample, separates it from the matrix and interfering compound of the sample, and then elutes with an eluent or desorbs by heating to achieve separation and enrichment of the target compound.

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