What are the Advantages and Principles of the SPE Cartridges?

The solid phase extraction cartridges (SPE column, or Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges, or SPE cartridges for short) is a sample pretreatment device for extraction, separation and concentration developed from a chromatography column. Mainly used in sample pretreatment of various foods, agricultural and livestock products, environmental samples and target compounds in biological samples.

Advantages of solid phase extraction cartridges

1. Precise speed control, single flow rate 0.01~7ml/min, support large volume injection and positive pressure elution to avoid cross contamination;
2. Stepless numerical control operation, LED digital display, light touch button, ergonomics mechanical design;
3. Corrosion-resistant roof, chassis phosphating and multi-layer epoxy resin spraying treatment;
4. The chassis structure is convenient to maintain;
5. Multi-channel, small column joints resistant to acid, alkali, organic solvents, oxidant corrosion;
6. Technical motor, using high-precision numerical control technology, low energy consumption, low noise;
7. The CNC pump tube adopts the American original long-life pipe.

Principle of solid phase extraction cartridges

SPE technology can be approximated as a simple chromatographic process. SPE is a separation principle using liquid chromatography using selective adsorption and selective elution. The more common method is to pass the liquid sample solution through the adsorbent, retain the substance to be tested, and then use the appropriate strength solvent to wash away the impurities, and then quickly elute the test substance with a small amount of solvent, thereby achieving the purpose of rapid separation, purification and concentration. It is also possible to selectively adsorb the interfering impurities and let the tested substances flow out; or simultaneously adsorb the impurities and the tested substances, and then selectively elute the tested substances with a suitable solvent.