The Technology and Application of SPE

SPE is the abbreviation of Solid Phase Extraction. It is a technology of sample pretreatment which has been developed in recent years. Specifically, SPE technology is an integration of liquid-solid extraction and column-liquid extraction technologies.

It is mainly applied for the separation, purification, and concentration of the samples. In comparison with the traditional liquid-liquid extraction, the solid phase extraction technology can avoid a lot of problems.: easy emulsification, incomplete phase separation, the low recovery rate of quantitative analysis, expensive and fragile glassware and large amounts of organic wastewater used in relative experiments.

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Nowadays, solid-phase extraction technology can easily deal with multiple samples at the same time. It greatly reduces the workload and operation time of the sample pretreatment. Also, the working efficiency is largely improved. On the whole, the SPE technology has the advantages of easy operation, accurate, timesaving, save labor, environment protecting, and so on.

Furthermore, the solid-phase extraction cartridge can separate the target analyte from the interfering component more effectively. It can greatly improve the recovery rate and purity of the target analyte, reduce the relative deviation and increase the reproducibility. Also, the SPE cartridge is good for making more accurate qualitative and quantitative analyses on the target analyte.