The Specification of SPE Cartridge

Mostly, the common SPE cartridges are syringe-type devices that are made of polyethylene materials. There are two pieces of patches that are made of polypropylene or glass fiber.

What works in the SPE cartridge is the chromatographic absorbent in the middle of the batches. Open the upper end and liquid outlet of the lower end, this structure allows the liquid to expel from the outlet after flowing through the adsorbent. According to the volume of space above the adsorbent in the cartridge, the specification can be roughly specified as below 1 ml, 3 ml, 6 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml, and so on.

Also, the SPE cartridges of special specifications can be manufactured according to specific application requirements. From the appearance, most of the SPE cartridges are the syringe type. Some of the cartridges are in a funnel shape, and this type makes it convenient for loading more samples at one time when in manual manipulation.

The SPE cartridge without a sieve plate is a new kind of one-body style cartridge. Using the special processing on C18 and C8 bonded silica gel adsorbent, this kind of SPE cartridge has relatively high mechanical strength and strong toughness.

Performance of SPE Cartridge

SPE Cartridge supplied by Hawach Scientific is an ideal device for extracting a very broad range of compounds from aqueous samples at the reasonable price you desire. And it has got improved retention for most nonpolar compounds and organic analyses in aqueous matrices. In application, it has maximized capacity, adsorption, and SPE speed.

Advanced technology and innovative design make it deliver clean, highly reproducible sample extracts with lower elution volumes, which is good for greater sensitivity, reliability, and cost-saving. All the raw materials are screened strictly which has directly ensured constant batch-to-batch quality.

Advantages of SPE Cartridge

Compared with traditional SPE Cartridge products, this product provides higher reproducibility, cleaner, and more consistent extract. Its application to the preparation of SPE samples can greatly improve the robustness and reliability of various biological, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications.

Additionally, this product provides standard carbon content, average pore size, and excellent flow rate. SPE sample preparation technology has greatly improved the robustness and reliability of various applications such as biological and pharmaceutical fields. It is also significant for customers to simplify the phase selection process and obtain better service.

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