The Role of SPE Cartridges in Sample Pretreatment

SPE cartridges are more and more widely used. At present, SPE technology has attracted more and more attention, whose role in sample pretreatment has become increasingly important.

The main role and purpose:

Remove matrix distractors
SPE cartridges are a kind of effective tool to effectively remove interfering substances, thus ensuring high sensitivity, high selectivity and stable.

Deion inhibition
SPE cartridges can effectively remove interferences and reduce the minimum quantification limit.

Enrichment target analyte
SPE cartridges can concentrate the selected analyte without any interference.

Improve analysis system performance
SPE can improve the performance of analytical systems and improve signal response.

Polymer matrix of the SPE cartridges
Polymer matrix packing overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional silicon substrate packing, the advantages are as follows:
1. The applicable scope of PH is wide. PH is compatible with most organic solvents.
2. There is no active hydroxyl group on the surface of the polymer, eliminating alkaline compounds caused by secondary adsorption.

Non-silica gel non-polar adsorbent of SPE cartridges:
Positive adsorbent (florisil, graphicarb, alumina-N, alumina-A, alumina-B and celite)