The Product Composition of QuEChERS

The product mainly includes two parts: extraction boxes and purification boxes. Extraction boxes include salt bags and 50 ml centrifugal tubes. Due to the high transportation cost of 50 ml centrifugal tubes and the general unacceptability of customer laboratories, more customers will buy salt bags directly. In order to meet different customer needs, two kinds of products are designed, one is a salt bag, and the other is a salt bag + 50 ml centrifugal tube. The purifying box of this kind of product is composed of an adsorbent and centrifugal tube, including two specifications of 2 ml and 15 ml of the centrifugal tube. The adsorbent can be directly placed in the centrifugal tube. Another kind of product is a complete set, that is, extraction box + purification box. The customers of this combination product can do a whole set of experiments once they get it.

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Therefore, in summary, the products mentioned above are divided into three categories, which are as follows:
Category 1: Extraction tube + Bagged Salt Bag: + Purification tube
Category 2: Bagged Salt Bag + Purification tube containing empty tube + salt Bag
Category 3: Only empty tube, only salt, only purification tube, only adsorbent.