The Main Development Direction of Solid Phase Extraction

The core of solid phase extraction (SPE) is the filler. The development of this technology is the development of filler, so the preparation of the new type of filler is the main development direction of SPE at present.

The main new types of fillers are:
1. Mixed silica gel, generally containing non-polar groups and ion exchange groups, can be used to analyze complex mixtures;
2. A polymer resin, which is characterized by larger capacity than silica gel, is stable in any PH environment and can be used repeatedly;
3. Thin film type, which is characterized by a fast flow rate, a small amount of organic solvent, can reduce the loss of samples in the concentration process.

The device used by SPE is simple in structure and easy to be combined with other chemical and physical analysis methods (such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, liquid-liquid extraction). This is also an important direction for the development of SPE.

Features of SPE
1. High enrichment rate and recovery rate;
2. Small volume sample can be processed;
3. Reduce environmental pollution;
4. Easy to collect analytes;
5. Simple operation.