The Characteristics of QuEChERS

QuEChERS is the latest developed rapid sample pretreatment technology for agricultural product detection in the world in recent years. Because of its fast, simple, inexpensive, effective, reliable, and safe characteristics, it has become a new sample pretreatment technology of great concern. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1) The recovery rate is high. The recovery rate of a large number of polar and volatile pesticide varieties is more than 85%.
(2) High accuracy and accuracy can be corrected by internal standard method.
(3) Analysable pesticides have a wide range, including polar and non-polar pesticides, which can be used to obtain a better recovery rate.
(4) The analysis speed is fast and six samples can be processed within 30 minutes.
(5) Solvents are less used, less polluted, cheaper, and do not use chloride-containing solvents.
(6) It is easy to operate and can be accomplished without good training and high skills.
(7) When acetonitrile is added to the container, it is sealed immediately, which reduces contact with the staff.
(8) Few pieces of glassware was used in sample preparation, and the device was simple.