The Brief Introduction to SPE Cartridges

SPE cartridges, with a full name of Solid Phase extraction cartridges, is also called the SPE column( solid phase extraction column). The solid phase extraction column/cartridges is a pretreatment device for the sample being analyzed, which developed from the chromatographic column for extraction, separation, and concentration.

Applications of SPE cartridges

SPE cartridges are mainly used in the sample pretreatment of target compounds in farm product and livestock products, various food, environmental samples, and biological samples. SPE technology has been widely used in many industry analysis standards and national standards(GB/T).

Principles of SPE cartridge

SPE mainly comply with the separation principle of selective adsorption and selective elution by liquid chromatography. Based on the theory of liquid-solid chromatography, selective adsorption and selective elution were used to enrich, separate and purify the samples. It is a physical extraction process including a liquid phase and solid phase, which can also be approximated as a simple chromatographic process.

A more common method is to pass a liquid sample solution through an adsorbent, retaining the substance under test. Then select the appropriate strength of solvent to flush impurities, and then use a small amount of solvent to quickly elution material, so as to achieve rapid separation and concentration of the purpose of purification.