The Basic Principle and Application of SPE Cartridges

The basic principle of SPE cartridges is that the liquid sample is made to pass through the adsorbent to retain the tested substance, and then the impurities are washed away with appropriate strength solvent, and then the tested substance is eluted with a small amount of good solvent, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid separation, purification, and concentration.
SPE cartridges can also selectively adsorb interfering impurities to let the tested substance flow out or adsorb both impurities and the substance to be tested, and then use the appropriate solvent to selectively elution of the substance to be tested.

The application of SPE cartridges

1. Food safety field;
2. Pharmaceutical research field;
3. Environmental protection field;
4. Judicial expertise field.

Features of SPE cartridges

Silica gel matrix: currently, the most commonly used adsorbent is still silica gel or bonded silica gel, whose pH range is 2-8. There are many kinds of silicone matrix fillers with the advantage of multiple selectivities.
Non-silica gel non-polar adsorbent: varying degrees of polarity and surface alkalinity, it is mainly used for cleaning and purifying samples of the complex matrix before analysis.
SPE cartridges are very popular in analytical laboratories.