The Applications of QuEChERS at Countries

QuEChERS is widely applied in testing. Their testing objects include plant products like fruits and vegetables, animal food like chickens and all kinds of high-sugar food after complex processing like cookies and chocolate. The researchers pay attention to the combined use of relative instruments, which develops a variety of testing methods. QuEChERS is widely used in countries mostly because it has three advantages: the good separation, the high fidelity, and the complete purification. They use QuEChERS to purify not only the pesticides but also some other substances. They used it to test the content of isoflavones in the solid beans products at countries.

In China, in the early experiments of QuEChERS, Chinese researchers detected the single pesticide. And the target objects usually are some kinds of carbamate, organic phosphorus and pyrethroids. With technology development, domestic researchers started to study the extraction and purification of grain samples with low water. And in recent years, QuEChERS is applied in the wider range with high developments. They begin to detect traditional agricultural products as well as complex animal products like chicken livers and fish by it. And beyond that, Chinese researchers also use it to testing Chinese medicine and tea with Chinese characteristics.