The Advantages of QuEChERS

Let us be acquainted with some advantages of QuEChERS after knowing about its principles.

First, the recovery rate of QuEChERS is quite high. When we deal with a large number of pesticide products with polarity and volatility, the recovery rate is even up to 85 percent. The experiment results are high precision and high accuracy. People can correct the average error by using the internal standard method. QuEChERS is widely used in pesticide residue determinations, including non-polar and polar pesticides. People can get the results with a high recovery rate.

Second, the analysis rate of QuEChERS is quite quick. People can complete 6 pretreatments in 30 minutes.

Third, the equipment of QuEChERS is simple and people use a little glassware in the process of sample preparation. In addition, the usage of QuEChERS is more easy for us and there is no need for better skills and training.

Fourth, The container should be immediately closed up as soon as acetonitrile is added to it. That means people hardly touch the solvent. It is safer.

And last, there is no need for a lot of solvents, especially those with chlorides in the process of QuEChERS. As a result, QuEChERS is cheap and has little pollution.