The Advantage and Steps of SPE

Compared to the classic liquid extraction, SPE has its own obvious advantages. To be more specific, it could reduce solvent consumption and sample cost. SPE is also time-saving which has the potential for automation. Moreover, the consistency is high for specific sample handling. Due to the wide-ranged adsorbents which have different adsorption mechanisms. In order to optimize the extraction, solid phase and chromatographic condition could be changed and adjusted.

The involved steps in the complete SPE procedure. As a matter of fact, the steps shown below could be omitted in many applications so that it could be described as the general example and the procedure could also be simplified. In order to visualize the separation, the presenting procedure uses the samples with dye.

Actually, most of the samples contain colorless components, which could only be found in the collecting fractions by some detectors and tests. The information below should be as considered as guiding principles when developing your own process or revising the process published in the literature, which specifically contains the sample preprocessing, adjustment of the cartridge, sample loading, and fraction delusion.

C18A RP SPE Cartridges
C8 SCX SPE Columns