SPE Technology Brief Introduction

The extraction is divided into liquid phase extraction (LLE) and solid phase extraction (SPE). SPE technology is a column chromatography separation process. The technology is a integration of liquid-solid extraction and column liquid chromatography. The combination of this technology get overs the disadvantage of the low recovery rate of the analyses by traditional liquid-liquid extraction method, improves the recovery efficiency, makes the separation between the interferer and the analyses more effective, reduces the sample pretreatment process, and is simple to operate, time-saving and labor-saving.
Common method
SPE is a separation method using the principle of selective adsorption and selective elution, is a kind of liquid chromatography.
The more commonly used method is to make the liquid sample solution pass through the adsorbent to retain the substance to be measured, and then select the appropriate strength of the solvent to flush the impurities, the third step is to quickly elute the material to be measured using a small amount of solvent, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid separation and purification and concentration. It can selectively adsorb intervenors and let the measured substance flow out. Or adsorb both impurities and the material to be measured, and then use the appropriate solvent to selectively elute the material to be measured.