SPE Is Commonly Used To Prepare Liquid Samples

SPE is a kind of sample production technology which is more and more useful in which many problems related to liquid and liquid extraction could be avoided, such as the incomplete separation, non-quantitative recycle, the use of expensive and fragile glass vessels, massive organic solvent and so on.

SPE is more efficient than liquid extraction, which is easy to execute, automatable quantitative extraction and time-saving on the use of solvent and laboratory. SPE is commonly applied in the preparation of the liquid sample, and the extraction of the semi-volatile or non-volatile analyte, which is the excellent sample extraction, concentration, and cleaning. It has a wide range of chemistries, adsorbents, and sizes so that the choices for APPs and examples could be much more.

SPE is a kind of digital chromatography which aims to extract, separate and absorb from the solvent sample. It extends the longevity of the chromatography system, which improves the qualitative and quantitative analysis so that the requirements of instrumental analysis would largely decrease. Generally, SPE has three key purposes which are analyte concentration, disturbed compounds removal and the change from analyte environment to a more simple matrix respectively.