SPE Elution Mode And Operation Steps

SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) is a sample pretreatment technique developed in the late 1870s. At present, it is used in environmental analysis, biological sample analysis, and food analysis.

SPE can be used with all samples (liquids, solids, creams, gaseous and so on), but liquid samples are the easiest to handle.

Elution mode of SPE
1. A solvent with a stronger affinity for the target compound was used for elution: the target compound had a stronger affinity than the distractor with the adsorbent.
2. Direct elution of the target compound: the affinity between the target compound and the adsorbent is stronger than that of the distractor.

Operation steps of SPE
1. Pretreatment of extraction column;
i. Wetting and activation SPE fillers; ii. To remove possible impurities from the filler.
2. Sample;
i. Compression; ii. Vacuum extraction; iii. Centrifugal
3. Wash away impurities;
In order to remove the small amount of matrix interference components adsorbed on the SPE cartridges.
4. Elution and collecting analytes.
Select the appropriate eluting solvent to eluate the analyte, collect the eluent, dry the solvent for later use.

The basic device of SPE: SPE cartridges; solid-phase extraction filter.