SPE Cartridges in Hawach

We all know that when you choose an SPE cartridge, the elements that you need to consider are loading capacity along with the demand to balance the retention and adsorption of the analytes. SPE cartridge is widely used in chromatography separation. And in order to ensure it will not be compromised and get good recovery when it provides adsorption, a perfect SPE cartridge must have enough capacity and keep sufficient analytes.

Salient features of our products

By virtue of broad experience and advanced technology knowledge, the SPE cartridge in Hawach gets the several following features.
1. Compact size
2. Best quality
3. durability

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Reversed Phase SPE Cartridges
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Different SPE cartridges in Hawach

1. Ion-Exchange NH2 / PRS / PSA / SAX / SCX SPE Cartridges
2. Mixed Mode C8/SAX and C8/SCX SPE Cartridges
3. Normal Phase Alumina / CN SPE / Diol / PR Grade Florisil / Silica SPE Cartridges
4. Polymeric HLB / MAX / MCX SPE Cartridges
5. Reversed-Phase C18A / C18 / C8 SPE Cartridges

Basic Content of SPE Cartridge

After special optimization, the recovery rate is more uniform and the stability is better for the detection of samples. Perfect sample load and elution volume make it popular in the application, medical PP grade cartridge ensures cartridge quality, reproducibility, and stability. Besides, compared with other SPE cartridges, the Hawach SPE cartridge has a customized package and screenprint, which meets diverse needs and reduces potential damage.

Diverse SPE Cartridge

Hawach SPE cartridge is introduced to various types such as ion-exchange type, polymeric type, normal phase type, mixed mode type, and reversed-phase type. As a weak anion exchange sorbent, ion-exchange PSA SPE cartridge is a good choice to work as a polar sorbent to separate polar analyzes from non-aqueous matrices.

SPE Cartridges C18
Alumina SPE Columns
PSA SPE Cartridges

Polymeric MCX SPE cartridge has a high iron exchange capacity and a larger surface area compared with other sorbents. Reversed-phase C18 SPE cartridge is characterized by a high retention rate and standard carbon content, which can retain most of the non-polar compounds and organic analyses.

Warranty of SPE Cartridge

The warranty of an SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) cartridge varies by manufacturer. It typically covers manufacturing defects, often for a specified period, provided the product is used according to instructions. Exclusions may apply, such as damage from misuse. Proof of purchase is usually required for warranty claims. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specific warranty terms and conditions for accurate details.

Subject to whole warranty requirements and exclusions set out in our Terms and Conditions of Sale, SPE Cartridge marketed by our company is warranted from the date we deliver the product and for ninety days thereafter. We promise to improve the quality and shelf life of this product and provide comprehensive solutions from consultation to after-service. We are sloe committed to maintenance, fault removal, and repairs. Contact us immediately without hesitation if any service is needed.

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