SPE Cartridge: The Essential Tool For Sample Preparation

To isolate a species in a sample or to clean-up a sample before analysis, the solid phase extraction (SPE) is called the sample preparation technique which uses a solid adsorbent to adsorb select species from solution. The solid adsorbents are usually contained in a cartridge device, or on a disk. The goal of the solid phase extraction is to remove interferents in the matrix from the analyte and put out a solution that contains primarily analyte.

When the sample going through the SPE cartridge or disk very slowly, you can find that the analyte and some of the sample matrix compounds will be retained on the SPE material. The awash solvent that we have selected can remove components from the SPE sorbent and retain others at the same time, according to the properties of the analyte and the SPE sorbent.

C18A RP SPE Cartridges

SPE is pretty advanced in the way of simplifying complex sample matrices and purifying compounds of interest. It performs perfectly when fractionating complex mixtures for analysis by classification, and concentrating analytes present at low levels too.

Good Retention for Polar Compound

Hawach scientific normal phase CN SPE cartridge is of strong retention for polar compounds in samples or compounds with similar structures. Hawach normal phase CN SPE cartridge has excellent sample load ability and wide elution volume, which makes it can be applied in different conditions such as in normal phase and reversed phase adsorbents. Moreover, it provides the strongest polarity among sorbents in the normal phase and fits for separating compounds in various samples.

Separation Mechanism of Normal Phase CN SPE Cartridge

Hawach Scientific normal phase CN SPE cartridge is a process in which polar substances are dissolved in non-polar solvents, and adsorbed through a strongly polar stationary phase. The interaction between the two forces includes dipole pairs, hydrogen bonds, and electron pairs. Common adsorbents are alumina, magnesium silicate, diatomite, and silica gel.

Additionally, it can adsorb the target compounds in liquid samples, separate them from the matrix and interfering compounds, and then eluent them with eluent or heat desorption to achieve the purpose of separating and enriching the target compounds. Because of its safety, high recovery rate, good reproducibility, easy to operate, fast, wide application range, easy to realize automatic operation, and so on.

Activation of SPE Cartridge

If the cationic column of the polymer matrix is used, it can be directly sampled without activation. If the cationic column of silica gel matrix is used, the activation is to open the carbon group chain bonded on silica gel and make it fully effective. Methanol is to dissolve with the carbon chain, and excessive water is to dissolve the sample solution.

When you perform SPE cartridge, the first step you should do is to pre-treat the sample, such as dilution and PH adjustment. The second step is to condition the cartridge by running water or solvent through it. After that, it is time to load the sample and elute the fractions.