SPE Cartridge Packaging and Application

The technique used by SPE cartridges is a versatile pretreatment technique, which can be divided into four kinds according to the principles: RP-SPE, NP- SPE, IE- SPE, and absorption. At present, SPE cartridges are mainly used in the fields of food safety, drug research, environmental protection and pesticide residue analysis in agricultural products. Most common SPE cartridges are injection syringes made of polyethylene, in which there are two plugs made of polypropylene or fiberglass, with a certain amount of chromatographic adsorbent (filler) between the two plugs.

The characteristics of SPE cartridges

1. Avoid “non-specific adsorption”
2. The packing is stable and can be well fixed
3. Effectively avoid “ditch effect”
4. Improved separation efficiency and sample load.

The capacity of SPE cartridges

The total amount of the target compound plus impurities that can be adsorbed must not exceed the capacity. Otherwise, some target compounds may not be absorbed in the process of sample loading, resulting in low recovery rate.

The packing of the SPE cartridges

Carbon-GCB, Coconut Charcoal, Silica, Florisil PR, Alumina, HC-C18, LC-C18, Reversed Phase C8 SPE Cartridge, Reversed Phase C18 SPE Cartridge, Ion-Exchange PRS SPE Cartridges, Ion-Exchange SCX SPE Cartridge and so on.
It is chromatographic adsorbent normally: take silica gel as matrix; take high polymer as matrix; take non-polar material as main.

The application of SPE cartridges

1. Silica gel bonded phenyl: polar compounds ion exchange and adsorption extraction, such as vitamins.
2. Non-bonded silica gel: polar compound extraction.
3. Silicone bonded procyanidin: reversed-phase extraction, suitable for intermediate-polarity compounds. Positive phase extraction, suitable for polar compounds.
4. Propylamine bonded on silica gel: positive phase extraction, suitable for polar compounds.

Application fields of SPE Cartridges

1. Analyze residues of various antibiotics and antibacterial drugs in various food species;
2. Analyze pesticide residues in agricultural products;
3. Analyze illegal and legal additives in various kinds of food;
4. Widely used in pharmacokinetics analysis;
5. Analyze organic matter in drinking water.

In the application of specific experimental work, SPE cartridges need to choose appropriate packing and specification according to the analysis object, detection means, and reasonable laboratory conditions.

The extraction capacity of SPE cartridges on the analyzed objects, the volume of the sample solution, the final volume of the elution solution, and the total amount of the measured and disturbing objects in the sample solution should be considered.