SPE Cartridge Adapter

The SPE cartridge adapters from Hawach fit on top of any Hawach SPE cartridge and contain a female Luer fitting that accommodates the tip of another cartridge.

The universally used Hawach SPE Cartridge connectors are stepped cone-shaped, each adaptor equipped with one female Luer inlet and one male Luer outlet, especially suitable for 1, 3, 6, and 12-mL cartridges.

Advantages of using SPE cartridge adapters:

Expanding the SPE cartridge volume for more applications
Connection for the SPE cartridges in series when large samples application
Excellent for transferring large-volume samples to any standard Luer lock connect SPE cartridge
Any standard Luer-tipped syringes type cartridge will fit into any Hawach Adaptor and cartridge
The empty reservoirs have standard Luer tips and it is fully compatible across the adapter

SPE Cartridge Adaptor

SLSPE-C000Connectors for 1/3/6/12-mL SPE unisersia Cartridges,10pcs/pk10
SLSPE-C003Connectors for 3-mL SPE Cartridges,

Any inquiry of Hawach Mixed Mode C8 SAX SPE Cartridge and other SPE Cartridge or sample evaluation, please contact us freely at info@hawach.com