SPE Cartridge Adapter

The SPE cartridge adapters from Hawach fit on top of any Hawach SPE cartridge and contain a female Luer fitting that accommodates the tip of another cartridge.

The universally used Hawach SPE Cartridge connectors are stepped cone-shaped, each adaptor equipped with one female Luer inlet and one male Luer outlet, especially suitable for 1, 3, 6, and 12-mL cartridges.

An SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) cartridge adapter is a device used in chromatography and sample preparation workflows to facilitate the connection of SPE cartridges to the chromatographic system. It acts as an interface between the SPE cartridge and the instrument, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection. Here are some key points about SPE cartridge adapters:

SPE Cartridge Adaptor


  1. Compatibility:
    • SPE cartridge adapters are designed to ensure compatibility between the SPE cartridge and the chromatography system or manifold.
  2. Sealing:
    • They provide a tight seal to prevent leakage during the extraction or elution process, maintaining the integrity of the chromatographic separation.
  3. Versatility:
    • Adapters may be designed to accommodate different sizes and types of SPE cartridges, allowing for flexibility in the choice of cartridges based on specific analytical requirements.


  1. Adapter Body:
    • The main body of the adapter is a hollow structure that holds the SPE cartridge securely in place.
  2. Threaded Connections:
    • Threaded components ensure a secure attachment between the adapter and the chromatography system. They enable easy installation and removal.
  3. O-Rings or Seals:
    • O-rings or other sealing mechanisms are often incorporated to prevent leaks and ensure a reliable seal between the adapter and the chromatographic system.
  4. Luer Fittings:
    • Some adapters may feature Luer fittings, which are standard connectors widely used in chromatography. Luer fittings enable a standardized and secure connection.
  5. Female and Male Ends:
    • Adapters typically have both female and male ends, allowing them to be easily connected to the chromatography system and the SPE cartridge.

Usage and Installation:

  1. Insertion of Cartridge:
    • The SPE cartridge is inserted into the adapter, ensuring that it is properly seated and aligned.
  2. Connection to Chromatography System:
    • The adapter, along with the attached SPE cartridge, is then connected to the chromatography system or manifold. Threaded connections and Luer fittings are secured to prevent any potential leaks.
  3. Tightening:
    • The threaded components are tightened to establish a secure connection, and O-rings or seals ensure that the system remains leak-free.
  4. Compatibility Check:
    • Before starting the chromatographic process, it’s essential to check the compatibility between the adapter, SPE cartridge, and the chromatography system.

Advantages of using SPE cartridge adapters:

Expanding the SPE cartridge volume for more applications
Connection for the SPE cartridges in series when large samples application
Excellent for transferring large-volume samples to any standard Luer lock-connected SPE cartridge
Any standard Luer-tipped syringes type cartridge will fit into any Hawach Adaptor and cartridge
The empty reservoirs have standard Luer tips and it is fully compatible across the adapter


  1. Sample Preparation:
    • SPE cartridge adapters are integral in sample preparation workflows, where they enable the efficient extraction and purification of analytes from complex matrices.
  2. Chromatographic Systems:
    • These adapters are used in conjunction with various chromatographic systems, including HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) and other analytical instruments.
  3. Versatile Platforms:
    • Adapters may be part of versatile platforms or manifolds that support multiple cartridges for parallel processing.

SPE cartridge adapters play a critical role in ensuring a seamless and reliable connection between the sample preparation cartridge and the chromatography system, contributing to the overall efficiency and accuracy of analytical processes.

SLSPE-C000Connectors for 1/3/6/12-mL SPE unisersia Cartridges,10pcs/pk10
SLSPE-C003Connectors for 3-mL SPE Cartridges,

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