SPE and the SPE Cartridges

As one of the useful sample preparation technique, solid phase extraction can prevent many problems, such as incomplete phase separations, recoveries with poor quantity, waste of expensive fragile glassware, and extra disposal of organic solvents, which you may occur if you use the liquid/liquid extraction.

On the other hand, SPE takes quantitative extractions that are easy to perform with high speed and automated. So it is the more efficient way of extraction than liquid/liquid. To reduce solvent use and lab time, it is often used when we prepare liquid samples, extract semivolatile or nonvolatile analytes, and solid pre-extracted from solvents.

With the advanced extracts purity, SPE is perfect for super complex analyzes. The right choice of SPE cartridges and sorbents will help you achieve the better result. Suitable with many different sorbents, SPE cartridges coincide with the filling materials of HPLC columns, such as reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, and the “mixed mode” materials.

The specifications of SPE cartridges we can find is as followed:
Volume: 0.01 ml – 200 ml
Particle Size: 5 µm – 250 µm
Pore Size: 40 Å – 450 Å