Solid Phase Extraction

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is to use adsorbent to absorb the target compound in the liquid sample, separate it from the matrix and interfering compound of the sample, and then elution with eluent to achieve the purpose of separation or enrichment of the target compound.

SPE generally includes four procedures (adsorbent activation, sampling, leaching, and elution). A suitable adsorbent can adsorption first target compounds and cleared off other interfering compounds.

Features of SPE
1. Rapid separation, purification, and concentration;
2. Can selectively adsorb interfering impurities;
3. High purity and concentrated separation can be obtained;
4. Improved detection sensitivity.

Separation modes of SPE
1. Reversed-phase, such as C18, C8, C4, C2, phenyl and so on;
2. Positive phase, such as silica gel bonding -NH2, -CN, -Diol and so on;
3. Ion exchange for extraction and separation of charged analytes.

Application of SPE
1. Detection and analysis of serum, body fluids and liquid drug components in medicine;
2. Detection of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits in food;
3. Detection and analysis of organic matter in atmospheric surface water and soil in the environment.

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Alumina SPE Cartridges
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