Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge Activated Solvent

Different modes of solid phase extraction cartridge activation use different solvents:

Weak polar or non-polar adsorbent for reversed phase solid phase extraction, usually rinsed with a water-soluble organic solvent such as methanol and then rinsed with water or a buffer solution.

It can also be rinsed with a strong solvent before the methanol is rinsed to eliminate impurities adsorbed on the adsorbent and its interference with the target compound.

The polar adsorbent used in normal-phase solid-phase extraction is usually rinsed with the organic solvent (sample matrix) in which the target compound is located.

The adsorbent used in ion exchange solid phase extraction can be rinsed with a sample solvent when used in a sample in a non-polar organic solvent.

When used in a sample in a polar solvent, it can be drenched with a water-soluble organic solvent. After washing, the appropriate pH is used, and the aqueous solution can be rinsed with an aqueous solution of a certain organic solvent and salt.