Several SPE Cartridges Packing Types and Options

1. C18 octadecyl, C8 octane, capped. Suitable for non-polar to moderately polar compounds such as antibiotics, barbiturates, pyridazines, caffeine, pharmaceuticals, dyes, dyes, aromatic oils, fats Soluble vitamins, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, carbohydrates, substituted hydroxytoluene esters, phenols, phthalates, steroids, surfactants, theophylline, water-soluble vitamins.

2. Phenyl phenyl. Retention capacity is weak relative to C8 or C18, reversed phase extraction, suitable for non-polar to moderately polar compounds, especially for aromatic analytes.

3. Silica is not bonded to silica gel. Extraction of polar compounds such as ethanol, aldehydes, amines, pharmaceuticals, dyes, herbicides, pesticides, dyes, herbicides, pesticides, ketones, nitrogenous compounds, organic acids, phenols, steroids

4. CN cyano, sealing tail. Suitable for reversed phase extraction of moderately polar compounds and normal phase extraction of polar compounds such as aflatoxins, antibiotics, dyes, herbicides, pesticides, phenols, steroids.

5. NH2 propylamine, Diol diol based. Normal phase extraction, suitable for polar compounds.

6. SAX quaternary amino group, strong anion exchange. Suitable for anionic organic acids, nucleic acids, surfactants

7. NH2 propylamine, weak anion exchange.

8. PSA ethylenediamine-N-propyl. Normal phase and anion exchange, similar to NH2 but with larger capacity. Effective removal of fatty acid organic acids and polar chromatography and sugars

9. MAX copolymer bonded quaternary amine. Reversed phase and anion exchange

10. SCX benzenesulfonate, strong cation exchange. Suitable for cations, organic bases, amino acids, herbicides, nucleic acid bases, nucleosides, surfactants.

11. WCX carboxylic acid group, weak cation exchange

12. PRS propane sulfonic acid. Cation exchange, acidity lower than SCX, suitable for malachite green, catecholamine and the like.

13. The MCX copolymer is bonded to a sulfonic acid group. Reverse phase and cation exchange

14. Florisil magnesium silicate. Polar compound adsorption extraction, such as glycolaldehyde, amines, drugs, dyes, herbicides, PCBs, ketones, nitrogenous compounds, organic acids, phenols, steroids.

15. Alumina-A acid alumina. Polar compounds are anion exchange and adsorption extraction, such as vitamins.
16. Alumina-N neutral alumina. Polar compound adsorption extraction. Suitable for vitamins, antibiotics, aromatic oils, enzymes, etc.
17. Alumina-B alkaline alumina. Adsorption extraction and cation exchange.

18. SAX/PSA strong anion/ethylenediamine-N-propyl. Analysis of multiple pesticide residues in foods (agricultural products and meats, etc.).