Role Of Hawach SPE Cartridges

Solid phase extraction principle

Solid phase extraction is a separation technique that combines selective retention, selective elution, and the like. When a complex sample solution passes through the sorbent, the sorbent selectively retains the aimed compound and a small number of similar properties by polar interaction force, hydrophobic interaction or ion exchange.

Other components pass through the sorbent and then eluted with another solvent system to selectively separate the target, thereby achieving separation, purification, and enrichment of complex samples.

In the solid phase extraction process, retention and elution are affected by the target, sorbent, and solvent. For a given target, choose the appropriate sorbent, sample solvent, and elution solvents are the keys to successful separation.

Hawach SPE Cartridges have 4 classifications as below:
1.Organic polymer solid phase extraction materials: PLS, PCX, PAX, MCX, MAX
2.Bonded silica solid phase extraction materials: C18, 18-Na, C8, PH, CN, SI, PSA, SCX, SAX…
3.Inorganic matrix solid phase extraction materials: SI, Florisll, AI-A, AI-N, AI-B, GCB, PGC
4.Mixed solid phase extraction material: C8-SCA, C8-SAX

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