Raw Material Consumption of QuEChERS

At present, QuEChERS has become a new technology of sample pretreatment that attracts much attention, which is a kind of rapid sample pretreatment technology for the detection of agricultural products.

Raw material consumption of QuEChERS

Its raw material consumption is four times less than the traditional method at least. The sample processing efficiency is greatly improved. By simplifying the steps, the chance of introducing errors is reduced. The PP tube is the only consumable. Moreover, the solvent waste liquid produced by QuEChERS is less than 10ml, which is greatly reduced, compared with the 75-450ml produced by other methods.

The basic principle of QuEChERS

The impurities in the matrix and the adsorbent filler are used to adsorb impurities so as to achieve the purpose of impurity removal and purification.

Application of QuEChERS

The method can be used in many fields. As long as the recovery rate of the object to be tested meets the demand and the substrate background for removing impurities meets the demand of detection, pesticide residues, animal residues, additives, illegal additives, plasticizers, and so on may be involved. But QuEChERS is mainly used in the detection of agricultural residues in agricultural products at present.