QuEChERS Solvent

Food safety testing is a major issue related to people’s livelihood. In recent years, the QuEChERS method has been widely used in the pretreatment of food safety detection samples. In addition, the method has been applied to trace analysis.

QuEChERS Application

The international application of QuEChERS method is very wide, not only limited to fruits, vegetables, and other plant agricultural products but also including all kinds of animal food and all kinds of complex processed food with high sugar content.

In addition, the QuEChERS method has been widely used in various detection methods due to its advantages of good extraction effect and thorough purification. The target substance extracted is not limited to pesticides, and the detection instrument used is not limited to conventional gas and liquid chromatography.

The QuEChERS method has also been applied to the detection of pesticide residues of traditional Chinese medicine, tea, and other products with Chinese characteristics.

QuEChERS Solvents

The QuEChERS method actually involves a liquid-liquid microextraction process. The sample is then purified to remove the matrix components that interfere with the chromatographic analysis. Acetonitrile is preferred as a QuEChERS solvent because it can extract a variety of compounds without extracting a large number of lipid-soluble substances.