QuEChERS Prospects

After years of development, the QuEChERS pretreatment method has been continuously improved and broadened by researchers as a simple and rapid residual pretreatment technology.

The application target also has been extended from the highest moisture content of vegetables and fruits at the very beginning to agricultural and sideline products such as meat, milk, grain, oil, etc., and then to the soil, water, pollutants, etc. in the environment, and will be more widely used in various fields in the future.

At present, the extractant and purifying agent are relatively single, and the extraction and purification effects are not ideal for complex matrix samples. Moreover, due to the instability of some pesticides, the technique of using this method to treat multi-residue experiments is not mature enough.

In future research, new extractants and purifiers will be continuously developed. The ratio of extractant, purifying agent, and water addition in different samples will be continuously improved, and high-sensitivity and high-throughput testing equipment will be continuously developed. The QuEChERS pretreatment method and various detection equipment combination technologies will become more mature and better to provide better technical support for pesticide residue analysis.

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