QuEChERS Product Related Information

The definition of QuEChERS and Product Information

QuEChERS means Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe, which is a sample preparation method applied for the detection of Agricultural Products widely. Hawach has a great diversity of QuEChERS products for your choice, including the Extraction kit, the Extraction salt, Dispersive SPE Kit, Dispersive Absorbent, and Ceramic Homogenizers.


Firstly, you should select the test method, such as AOAC or EN, and prepare the buffered Extraction Kit & 50ml tube. Put the 10g or 15g comminuted sample into the tube and add the acetonitrile & extraction salt. After shaking the tube for 1 min, add the internal standard into the tube and do the centrifuge. Extract the supernatant solution of 1ml, 6ml, or 8ml and transfer it into a dispersive SPE kit. In the same way, after shaking the tube for 1min, to do centrifuge and Aliquoting the supernatant solution. Take it to be ready for analysis with GC-MS or LS-MS. Finally, achieve the analysis report. The whole process just takes about 30 minutes, which is a very convenient and fast operation.

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