QuEChERS-Guard for Food Safety

Today, if you go to a market, you can see various fruit and vegetables on sale, even if you cannot tell which season they belong to. This is all due to modern technology and planting techniques. On the one hand, we are researching genetically modified food to enlarge its advantages and avoid its disadvantages at the same time, on the other hand, we have been exploring more advanced pesticides which can not only perform as weed killer but also as chemical fertilizer with no harm to the environment.

Whether genetically modified food or pesticide, safety is always our first and foremost concern. But how to detect pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables?

No doubt QuEChERS method. With the Hawach QuEChERS kit, you can achieve your experiment results quickly, easily, cheaply, effectively, ruggedly, and safely.

Whether you follow AOAC 2007.01 or EN 15662, whether you want the kit or absorbent only, you can always find your ideal choice in Hawach.

All Application and Test Reports strengthen our confidence in improving your experiments. If you have more questions, just feel free to contact us at info@hawach.com.