QuEChERS Extraction Salts and Ceramic Homogenizers

Normally, we add both organic solvents and buffer salts to the substrate when extracting the target, but when a sample with high water content is encountered, the buffer salt will have an exothermic reaction with water, thus affecting the recovery rate. Hawach provides a separate extraction salt package (pre-precision weighing, no water content), and the user can add the organic solvent and then choose to put the buffer salt. Hawach offers a variety of extracted salt kits that customers can choose from on demand.

Hawach offers extraction kits and dispersion solid-phase extraction purification kits, both of which can be applied to common fruits, vegetables, fruits, and vegetables containing fat and wax, as well as colored fruits and vegetables. Customers can choose the dispersion solid phase extraction kit according to the type of food analyzed and the method used. For those laboratories that prepared test tubes, Hawach also provided bulk salts and adsorbents. Additionally, all the QuEChERS kits provided by Hawach are produced under strict ISO-9001 standards, including a wide range of polymers, silica gel, and other adsorbents that can be selected.

Characteristics of QuEChERS Extraction Salts
The QuEChERS method is fast, simple, and economical, and Hawach makes the QuEChERS program easier. Specialized glassware is not required when you use Hawach QuEChERS to pick up bags and tubes. The freely flowing extracted salt and salt packs were easily put into the extraction tube, making the salt easily transferred into the sample. It is easy to pack without a second tube for salt transfer. And the convenient slender packaging fits perfectly into the tube to prevent spillage.


Performance of QuEChERS Extraction Salts
Hawach QuEChERS extraction salt packs are used to provide suitable pH to ensure good recovery of some alkali-sensitive pesticides. When the sample with high water content is encountered, the buffer salt will have an exothermic reaction with water, thus affecting the recovery rate. Biocoma provides a separate extraction salt package, and the user can add the buffer salt after adding the organic solvent to prevent the local overheating of the sample.

Main Function of QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers
Hawach QuEChERS ceramic homogenizers are mainly used in the preparation method of QuEChERS samples. The traditional extraction method requires a vigorous shaking sample for 1 min. at this time, homogeneity and poor recovery may occur. In the process of sample extraction, the addition of homogeneous protons is beneficial to the uniformity of the sample extraction process and to improve the recovery rate of the detected compounds.

Design Feature of QuEChERS Ceramic Homogenizers
The QuEChERS ceramic homogenizer has the following characteristics: it uses inert material and causes no impurity dissolution; the sample extraction time was shortened. Meanwhile, it can prevent the extraction salt from caking, ensure the reproducibility of the extraction process, enhance recovery of test results, and improve the efficiency of laboratory work. QuEChERS ceramic homogenizers provided by Hawach reduce the required extraction time from 60 seconds to 20 seconds, saving nearly 70% of the time per sample, thus greatly improving the working efficiency of the whole experiment. At the same time, it greatly maintains the high recovery and reproducibility of the extraction.