QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Kits

D-SPE (Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction) analysis is a simple and straightforward sample preparation technique for the analysis of a variety of foods and agricultural products. Among them, QuEChERS technology is particularly important in the rapid screening analysis of pesticide residues in a large number of food and agricultural product samples, and the simplicity of the experiment and the reliability of the results are more and more popular.

Hawach D-SPE Kits are suitable for America AOAC and European EN methods. They contain convenient packaging tubes and aluminum foil-sealed bags with pre-weighed adsorbents and buffer salts. The Hawach QuEChERS package makes sample preparation for food and agricultural multi-residue analysis easier and faster.

The advantages of the QuEChERS solution over traditional sample preparation techniques are:

1. Shorter sample preparation time.
2. The efficient and economical sample preparation process.
3. Reliable, high-quality products, with simple and convenient packaging.