The Prospect of the QuEChERS Method in Pesticide Residue Analysis

Due to the wide application of chemical pesticides in food production and storage, and the increasing import and export trade, relevant management agencies will use a variety of different analytical methods to monitor food safety quality.

QuEChERS method can meet the requirements of the management department due to its unique procedures, as well as its advantages of quickness, convenience, easy operation, high sensitivity, and low cost. It will become the preferred pretreatment method for routine detection of pesticide residues in small laboratories around the world.


After the QuEChERS method was introduced, the laboratory was effectively evaluated and verified by several laboratories including the US FDA. Some laboratories have applied the method to routine pesticide monitoring. Agilent Technologies Ltd. also validated this method in 2008 and promoted it in China. It is now working with the Ministry of Agriculture to plan the QuEChERS method as a standard in China.


With the development and widespread application of pesticide residue detection technologies such as LC_MS, GC_MS, GC_MSn, and LC_MSn, the QuEChERS pesticide residue pretreatment method is not only widely used in sample pretreatment of agricultural pesticide multi-residue detection and It will also be widely used in the fields of pesticide residue detection, agricultural veterinary drug testing, and biological sample drug testing.