Reversed Phase C18A SPE Cartridges

Function Group: C18
Particle size: 40 – 75μm
Average pore size: 60Å


Description of Reversed Phase C18A Solid Phase Extraction(SPE) Cartridges

The C18A solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge uses octadecyl silica as a filler to extract non-polar compounds from aqueous solution by hydrophobic interaction. The fully covered surface is hydrophilically modified to allow the stationary phase to be easily wetted by water, to maintain the carbon chain upright in the aqueous mobile phase, and to improve the water resistance of the silica matrix.

Features of Reversed Phase C18A Solid Phase Extraction(SPE) Cartridges

Good stability can use pure water as mobile phase
Provide additional retention for polar compounds


Carbon content: 12%
Specific surface area: 300 m²/g
Particle size: 40-75μm
Average pore size: 60Å


Desalting of biological macromolecules (nucleic acids, proteins and peptides)
Detection of drugs, pesticides and organic pollutants in water, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)


Reversed Phase C18A SPE Cartridges


Technical Data

SpecificationMaximum Sample LoadVolumeMinimum Elution Volume

Ordering Information

Item   No. SpecificationPackage (pcs/pk)
SLSPE1001C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 100mg/1mL100
SLSPE2003C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 200mg/3mL50
SLSPE5003C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 500mg/3mL50
SLSPE5006C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 500mg/6mL30
SLSPE1K6C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 1g/6mL30
SLSPE1K12C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 1g/12mL20
SLSPE2K12C18AC18A, 40-75μm, 60Å, 2g/12mL20
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