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Normal Phase PR Grade Florisil SPE Cartridges

Function Group: silicon Hydroxyl
Material character: 60~100 mesh(150-200μm)
Retention Mechanism: normal phase, allowing for the
retention of polar and halogenated compounds


Description of Normal Phase PR Grade Florisil SPE Cartridges

The pesticide residue (PR) grade Florisil solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge is activated at 675 °C and is a highly polar, highly active porous adsorbent that adsorbs low polarity and medium polarity target compounds. Such as organic pesticides containing chlorine, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
In the pesticide residue detection, the Florisil cartridge has a good effect and low cost and is adopted by the US EPA 608 method and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture NY/T 761 method.

Characteristics of Normal Phase Pesticide Residue (PR) Grade Florisil SPE Cartridges

Good retention for most pesticides
Low cost of use


Particle size: 150 – 250μm


Detection of organochlorine pesticides, organophosphorus pesticide residues, and mycotoxins in foods
Detection of endocrine disruptors and pesticide residues in environmental samples
Analysis of fatty acids in oils
Enrichment of metal ions

Relevant Standards

Detection of EPA 608 organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls
Determination of organochlorine and pyrethroid pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits in the second part of NY/T 761
SN/T 0134-2010 Determination of 12 carbamate pesticide residues in the import and export foods by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

NY/T 1720-2009 Determination of benzoylurea residues in chlorpyrifos, etc. in fruits and vegetables by high performance liquid chromatography
HJ 715-2014 Determination of water quality polychlorinated biphenyls – Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
HJ 743-2015 Determination of soil and sediment polychlorinated biphenyls – Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry


Technical Data

Specification Maximum Sample Load Volume Minimum Elution Volume
50-100mg 2.5mg-5mg 1mL 100-200μL
100-200mg 5mg-10mg 3mL 200-500μL
200mg-1g 10mg-50mg 6mL 500μL-6mL
500mg-2g 25mg-100mg 12mL 3mL-10mL

Ordering Information

Item   No.  Specification Package (pcs/pk)
SLSPE1001FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 100mg/1mL 100
SLSPE2003FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 200mg/3mL 50
SLSPE5003FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 500mg/3mL 50
SLSPE5006FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 500mg/6mL 30
SLSPE1K6PFL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 1g/6mL 30
SLSPE1K12FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 1g/12mL 20
SLSPE2K12FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 2g/12mL 20
SLSPE2K12FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 50mg/2mL/w 96w
SLSPE1002FL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 50mg/2mL/w 96w
SLSPE100KFL PR Grade Florisil, 150-250μm, 100g bottle
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