Normal Phase Diol SPE Cartridge

Carbon content: 5.5%
Surface area: 290 m 2/g
Particle size: 40 – 75 μm
Pore size: 100 Å

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Description of Diol SPE Cartridge

Diol SPE cartridge weak anion exchange, the diol-based filler has similar silica gel retention and less acidity, carbon chain provides additional hydrophobic interaction, so it can be used as a normal phase or reverse phase absorber, extraction extracting polar compounds.

Diol is a medium-polarity adsorbent that binds polar bonded phase diol groups (-Si(CH2)3OCH2CH(OH)CH2OH) on a silica gel matrix.

Diol is similar to unbonded silica gel and tends to have strong hydrogen bonding. It is often used to extract polar samples from non-polar solutions.

If a silica gel cartridge is used, the acidity of the silica gel leads to the retention of alkaline impurities and can be replaced with a Diol SPE cartridge.

Features of Diol SPE Cartridge

  • Can replace silica gel cartridge and avoid interference with alkaline impurities;
  • Positive phase or reversed phase retention by the solvent ratio.


  • Analysis of pigments, phenols, and phospholipids in vegetable oils;
  • Detection of drugs and metabolites in biological matrices such as urine;
  • Separation and purification of glycan mixture.

Technical Data

SpecificationMaximum Sample LoadVolumeMinimum Elution Volume

Ordering Information

Item   No. SpecificationPackage (pcs/pk)
SLSPE1001DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 100mg/1mL100
SLSPE2003DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 200mg/3mL50
SLSPE5003DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 500mg/3mL50
SLSPE5006DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 500mg/6mL30
SLSPE1K6DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 1g/6mL30
SLSPE1K12DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 1g/12mL20
SLSPE2K12DLDiol, 40-75μm, 100Å, 2g/12mL20
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