Product Highlights and Tests of SPE

Product Highlights

Generally, SPE products are focused more on impurity dissolution and adsorbent. For its low impurity dissolution ability, due to all medical grade materials of PP and PE, SPE features resistance of corrosion and low content of impurities.

In addition, SPE’ s superior purification function totally attributes to imported adsorbents.

Test Reports

According to the quality inspection report, the SPE passed COA, which is the first certification of a product and customers are assessed to the report under appropriate circumstances.

As for the application example test report, there are loads of statistics supporting that SPE is widely used in labs of areas.

Typical Application Analysis

Product Highlights and Tests of SPE

* HLB and C18 are universal columns so that all kinds of projects could import them.
* MCX, Florisil, and C18 have the common specification of 6ml.
* HLB and C18 provide the regular model of 60mg/3ml.