QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe) is a sample preparation technique commonly used in analytical chemistry for the analysis of pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants in food and environmental samples.

Multi-component: QuEChERS products are typically multi-component, consisting of a mixture of extraction salts, buffering agents, and sorbents that work together to efficiently extract and purify target analytes.

Compatibility: QuEChERS products are compatible with a wide range of sample matrices, including fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, fish, and soil.

Ease of use: QuEChERS products are designed to be easy to use and require minimal preparation time. Samples are typically homogenized and then mixed with the QuEChERS reagents before being subjected to extraction.

Speed: Designed to be fast and efficient, with extraction times typically ranging from 5-10 minutes.

Low cost: QuEChERS products are relatively inexpensive compared to other sample preparation techniques, making them an attractive option for routine testing.

Versatility: Can be used with a variety of analytical techniques, including gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC), and mass spectrometry (MS).

Safety: QuEChERS products are designed to be safe to use, with minimal exposure to toxic solvents and other hazardous materials.

Overall, Hawach can provide different adsorbents according to AOAC and EN standards. They can offer a cost-effective and efficient method for the analysis of contaminants in food and environmental samples.


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