Precautions When Using the SPE Cartridges

Regarding the pretreatment of meat, fish and other animal tissues, should be homogenized in water. However, serum and plasma samples can be used for SPE without pretreatment. Urine samples also do not require pretreatment, but often need to be diluted with water or a buffer solution with an appropriate pH before adding the sample.

Limitations of SPE
1. Not suitable for handling solid samples;
2. Structural limitations;
3. Stability of packing quality;
4. Do not heat.

Matters needing attention of SPE
1. Slow
At what rate should the liquid flow out of the column, as slowly as possible for good results.
2. Less
In order to ensure efficiency, packing as little as possible, adding liquid should not be too much.
3. Implementation conditions should not be overly detailed.
4. SPE column should be used only once.
5. Traditional liquid extraction cannot be ignored.
6. Practicality is the ultimate criterion for the success of experimental design.
The importance of pretreatment
In both chemical analysis and biological engineering, sample separation and purification are essential pretreatment steps. The quality of sample pretreatment directly affects the final result of SPE.