Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges

Polymeric MCX SPE cartridges are used to extract strongly alkaline compounds. MCX is a mixed strong cation exchange adsorbent obtained by bonding sulfonic acid groups on highly crosslinked PS/DVB surface. It has both reverse phase and cationic exchange retentive properties and good retention ability for alkaline compounds.

Characteristics of polymeric MCX SPE cartridges

1. High retention of basic compounds;
2. Large specific surface area and high ion exchange capacity;
3. Wide pH tolerance range (pH 1-14), stable in organic solution;
4. No blank background interference;
5. Stable quality and good reproducibility;
6. It is easy to operate and can achieve an excellent flow rate.

Parameter of polymeric MCX SPE cartridges

1. Specific surface area: 600 m2/g;
2. Average particle size: 40μm;
3. Average aperture: 300 Å.

Application of polymeric MCX SPE cartridges

1. Detect pesticide and veterinary drug residues in food, such as clenbuterol and malachite green;
2. Analyze drugs and their metabolites in the biological matrix, such as anti-estrogen drugs and benzodiazepines.
3. Polymeric MCX SPE cartridges are especially suitable for milk analysis of melamine in food and feed.