Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges

The filler of polymeric HLB SPE cartridges produced by a special copolymerization technology contains a certain proportion of the hydrophilic group and the hydrophobic group. Hydrophobic divinyl benzene structures retain nonpolar compounds and hydrophilic n-vinyl pyrrolidone structures retain compounds.

The filler of polymeric HLB SPE cartridges has good water wettability and can adjust the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance by water phase, so as to obtain ideal selectivity.

The SPE cartridges have a good recovery rate of acid, neutral and basic compounds, especially suitable for the treatment of complex matrices such as blood, urine, and food.

The characteristics of polymeric HLB SPE cartridge

1. Universal packing, wide application range;
2. High water infiltration, not easy to penetrate;
3. High recovery rate and good realization;
4. Adsorption capacity and sample load were much higher than C18 bonded silica gel;
5. Tolerable to PH 1-14, compatible with most solvents.

Application of polymeric HLB SPE cartridge

i. Detect residues of the illegal drugs (antidepressants, heroin) and drug in the blood;
ii. Detect residues of antibiotics (penicillin, nitrofuran, chloramphenicol), catecholamine and microcystin toxin in food;
iii. Detect traces of veterinary drugs (tetracycline, quinolones), pesticides and mycotoxins in dairy products.