Operation And Difference Of SPE Cartridge

Operation of SPE Cartridge

In order to achieve greater reproducibility and cleaner samples, enhance performance consistency, reduce extraction time and avoid sample contamination, there are some operational suggestions or tips for customers to follow, specifically as follows: firstly, making sure it in a cleaning state before operation, next, choosing and putting appropriate samples in cartridge, conditioning for a while, and then carrying out sample load and washing, finally, performing sample elusion. When the whole process is finished, cleaning and drying the SPE cartridge immediately, and place it in holding the box.

The difference between SPE Cartridge

Since SPE Cartridge provided by Hawach Scientific is available in different types, and each type has its own special features, we made an endeavor to provide comprehensive instructions on our products.

Reversed-Phase is more suitable for use in the biological macromolecules sample and used to extract lipid soluble and water vitamins at the same time from other compounds; Ion-Exchange is often applied to separation of basic compounds from particle aqueous and keep permanent negative charge in the range of pH; Mixed Mode is fit for purification of alkaline aqueous solution or neutral compounds in urine and blood, such as drugs and metabolites.