More Advanced Pesticide Analysis QuEChERS Solution

The QuEChERS method was originally applied to extract pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Whether under AOAC or EN stipulations, according to our products’ Application and Test Report, we can see that the combination of salting out and d-SPE-purification in the initial liquid-liquid extraction has shown more satisfactory results in the multi-residue analysis of pesticides, veterinary drugs, and mycotoxins in various foods and agricultural products.

Furthermore, Hawach QuEChERS solution has presented more advantages over other pesticide analysis products and technologies:
Easy to operate, high time efficiency, stable experimental results, high-cost performance, reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, quick start kit selections, suit for both AOAC and EN stipulations, free match those materials of all kits, can customize your unique kit, etc.

Hawach offers a wide range of sorbent blends to help you remove complex matrices from your samples:
C18 can be used to remove non-polar interferences such as fat;
PSA can be used to remove polar interferences, including sugars and organic acids;
A bulk adsorbent containing graphitized carbon black (CGB) and C18 can also be supplied to remove excess fat or high levels of chlorophyll.

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