Low Recovery Rate of SPE Cartridges

People should face are a lot of problems when using SPE cartridges. As a consequence, we will talk about why the cartridge has a low recovery rate in the experiments.

The first reason for the low recovery rate is that the target object does not remain sufficiently on the fillers.

And why does this happen? The choice of the SPE is not the most appropriate. In response, the experimenters should choose an SPE cartridge with more retaining power. The eluting power of eluent on the sample is overly strong. As a consequence, the experimenters should decrease the eluting power. Or the load sample has high-volume or high-concentration, which leads to overloading.

The second reason is that the target object is not eluted completely. There are three aspects of the incomplete elution. The remaining capacity is too strong. The eluting power is too strong or the eluting volume is too small.

Except for the two cases mentioned above, there are still some other reasons for the low recovery rate. The experimenters should analyze the reasons according to the situation and put out some countermeasures.

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