Learn about SPE Cartridges

What is SPE Cartridge?

The term SPE cartridges is short for Solid Phase Extraction cartridge. It is a kind of sample preprocessing equipment (extract, separate and concentrate) which is developed from the chromatographic column.

SPE cartridge is mainly used for preprocessing of the target compound in all kinds of food, agriculture and livestock product, environmental sample and biological sample. SPE  technology has been widely applied to a number of GB/T and industry analysis standards.

The volume of SPE cartridges refers to its adsorbing capacity of filler. For the cartridge with the matrix of the silica gel, the volume is 1-5 mg/100 mg in general, which is to say that the volume is 1% to 5% of filler’s mass.

Theory of SPE Cartridges

SPE technology is based on the theory of liquid-solid phase chromatography, using selective adsorption and elution to enrich, separate and purify the samples. It is a kind of physical extraction process of liquid phase and solid phase, and also a simple chromatographic process.

A common method used in the laboratory is to keep the analyzed matter in the liquid solvent sample by the adsorbent. Next, choose appropriate solvent to wash away the impurity. Then use small amounts of solvent to elute the analyzed matter quickly in order to gain fast purification and concentration.