Introduction of QuEChERS

Characteristics of QuEChERS

QuEChERS is a pretreatment method for pesticide residue detection. This paper refers to the products produced by our company. Its name comes from the acronyms of the words “Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe”, which are also the characteristics of the processing methods. The pretreatment method of agricultural residue belongs to the upgraded version of SPE, which has a similar purification effect to SPE. However, the process is more concise, time-saving, efficient, and economical, which is gradually accepted by the majority of analysts.

Use of QuEChERS

(1) Weighing 10g homogeneous sample into the centrifugal tube.
(2) Add acetonitrile and other extractive solutions, and shake violently for 1 minute so that the sample can be fully dissolved in the acetonitrile solution.
(3) Adding QuEChERS extraction salt to improve extraction efficiency.
(4) After extraction, the supernatant was separated from the mixture of the sample and acetonitrile.
(5) The mixed solution is added to the purification tube, and the purified solution can be obtained by adsorbing the impurities with the adsorbent in the purification tube.
(6) Take supernatant for instrument analysis to judge whether it meets the standard or not.